Letroof Terms of Use

Welcome to Letroof and thanks for using our services. If you registered in Letroof as a user following terms related to you. The terms include the use of letroof’s website and application.
Users of Letroof website and mobile app approve that they read all terms mentioned in this page, and with the full knowledge of the terms, this regulations have been accepted by them.
LAST REVISED : 08/04/18

User Definition

User is someone use personal information such as email address, mobile phone number and so on that mentioned in the registration form to use Letroof's services. If you are under 13 years old, do not allow to use our Services.


All intellectual and material rights of the Letroof brand belongs to the Letroof corporation (includes trademarks, websites, software, applications and so on).

Introduction and type of services

Letroof is a website and mobile application for buying, selling and renting property, which uses artificial intelligence technology based on location that offer best choices to users. Anyway, Letroof is not resposible for the content posted by the users and advertisers.

Communicate with You

In order to inform users about any changes to the Terms, Privacy Policy, all information and noticed about your account, Letroof use your contact information associated with your account such as mobile number and email address you provided.

Payment Method

All payments in Letroof are permoited by authorized Internet portals and are entirely secured.

Be Respectful

If the user fails to use Letroof websites and softwares and violate of our rules and regulations, it reserves the right to restrict the user's access to all or part of the facility of the user's panel without prior notice.

Data Protection

All users' information, except the information required for the listing of the adverts including the mobile and the email address, is completely secured by Letroof.

The user is also required to protect username and password in an appropriate manner, otherwise the user will be liable for the loss their information.

The rights to information disseminated by the user

The user is responsible for all information and contents of the advertisements registered by them. In case of violation of the rules and regulations of publishing materials, Letroof can, based on discretion, prevent users from accessing the user's panel and using their services.

Guaranteed ads published by users

Since Letroof is just one tool for communication between advertisers and searchers, Letroof is not responsible for content published by users.

Third Party Sites and Linked Materials

The user agrees Letroof is allowed to share some of their information with other websites or apps in order to provide better services and facilities.